The Ever-Changing Nature of NFL Future Odds

December 7, 2021

The NFL continues to dominate the action when it comes to sports betting as bettors always tend to focus on the Vegas NFL odds. Those NFL odds tend to focus on each individual game of the NFL season, but that isn’t the only way to bet on professional football.

Another great way to bet on the NFL is to look at the future betting odds that are readily available in the sports betting industry. Making a future bet does require some patience, but it can also lead to a pretty impressive payout.

The most common and popular futures bet is placed on which team will eventually win the Super Bowl during the upcoming NFL season. This bet can be a great play, but it’s only a good decision when the odds are in the favor of you, the bettor.

Future NFL odds change each week, and you can actually see a ton of change depending on the results each week. If you are going to make this type of bet then you have to pay close attention to the odds and be ready to strike when those odds are in your favor. A good place to look at odds is BetUs.

Odds Entering Week 13

Like it was mentioned above, NFL future betting odds are going to be changing each week. If you are going to win this bet then you have to strike at the right time, but also be able to correctly pick the eventual Super Bowl winner.

Once the season gets into the latter stages of the year the Super Bowl betting odds tend to level out. It’s usually more valuable to make a bet before the season begins, but backing a team entering Week 13 isn’t a bad way to go as well.

Here are the Super Bowl title odds entering Week 13:

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550
  • Green Bay Packers +650
  • Kansas City Chiefs +700
  • Arizona Cardinals +750
  • Buffalo Bills +850
  • New England Patriots +850
  • Baltimore Ravens +1200

Tampa Bay is the current defending champion in the NFL and they are also the current betting favorites to win the upcoming Super Bowl. There is plenty of value with Tampa Bay as well since they are listed at +550 entering Week 13.

The Kansas City Chiefs were the preseason betting favorites to win the Super Bowl, but those odds have since changed. There is plenty of value in making an NFL futures bet, and that’s why it is a popular betting option.

Always Look For Value

If you are going to make a future bet on the NFL then the best strategy is always to look for value in the wager. Picking the betting favorite always seems like the right way to go, but there are always upsets once the NFL Playoffs begin.

Following along with the NFL season is the best way to make an NFL futures bet, as you always have to be seeking value. You do have the advantage of waiting a full week for the odds to change, but you still have to be ready to act when things swing in your favor.

Make Multiple Picks

There is no rule against making multiple NFL future odds bets, and that actually is a pretty good strategy to use.  When making multiple bets, head to BetUS and place them. Since NFL future bets can produce a pretty impressive payout then it would be a good move to back a couple of different teams.

You will want to be sure that you are getting a ton of value if you are planning on backing at least two different teams, but that will also give you multiple chances. You don’t want to place a futures bet on a large number of teams, but taking a flyer on a couple of teams with favorable odds is always a good play.

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