Here is the reason not to play at this casino.

6.12. Should the lifetime deposits of a player be less than, or equal to €500, their maximum withdrawal amount is 10(X) times the amount of their last deposit, minus any fees. For example, a player whose last deposit was €20 is only entitled to withdraw a maximum of 20 x 10 = €200. This rule apply very well and they mean it. lets say you deposit 50€ and win 2000€ they WILL only pay out 500€ in total and the rest of the amount you have to play away!

This rule is the worst i have ever seen in my entire life with an online gambling site.

Ok, Next problem is withdrawals. They keep cancel my withdrawal and limit me. they say in the rule that you can withdraw up to 1500€ in the week, but this is not true, you must reach a high VIP level and that cost a lot of money (5000€ to reach silver vip). you can only withdraw 500€ in week now and this is not all, if you are lucky to receive your money one time before they keep cancel your withdrawal and set your limit to 100€ in week and they tell me to be more active and increase my VIP status.

Rule here, but it aint true anymore. limit now is 500€ in the week and not 1500€ as stated.

6.5. The minimum amount for a withdrawal is currently 100 Euros. Winnings may currently be withdrawn up to 1500 Euros per calendar week, except for VIP Bronze and VIP Chrome be up to 500 Euros per calendar week. You can make up to 4 withdrawals a month without charge. Each additional withdrawal transaction shall be charged a 60 Euro fee. We may change the above minimum amounts from time to time at our discretion.

Support here tells me that i gain point trough playing slots, deposits, time spent on the site. Well, only one of this is correct! Hold your horses now, the only thing that count on VIP level is DEPOSIT MONEY in to their site and you GAIN 50 points for every 100€ you put in. And this is not all, the will not increase your withdrawal limit if you even encounter a higher VIP status. S

upport is not friendly and they are constantly on a lie for you to deposit more money! Dont believe a word they are saying because everything they say is a bluff or a lie. please stay away form this group. They have 5 casino sites and all of them have the same rules! I hope ppl see this!