Lithuana bans all promotional activities related to gambling

June 7, 2021

Lithuania’s parliament has just passed a law banning gambling promotional activities within its borders. An amendment on the country’s Law on Gambling was passed with 105 votes in favour.

Consequential, gambling operators can no longer conduct gambling trials, distribute (free) playing chips or credits, offer gifts and discounts or promote their operations in any other way.

The new law was triggered after a public campaign against the gambling operators in the country sustained. These operators were firstly accused of not following Covid-19 protocols.

Aurelijus Veryga, a member of the Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union who actively campaigned for the new legislation, said:

“It is a type of activity that costs too much for some people in terms of health and not just money.”

Lithuanian Director of the Gaming Control Authority, Virginijus Dauksys, had previously said that the the Covid-19 crisis worsened the situation of the gambling industry in the country. The authority had received many complaints that include gambling operators not fulfilling their obligations with regards to responsible gaming

As a representative of Lithuania’s National Gambling and Gaming Business Association, Mantas Zakarka said that the new legislation can lead to increased  shadow businesses as it will be hard for new operators to legitimately enter the market.

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