How the 2021 NFL Season Could Shake up Sports Betting

September 28, 2021

Interest in the US gambling scene is heating up, and sports need to react to ensure their services are in line with the markets provided by operators. Investors are already flocking to the sector, in the US and internationally, as this partnership between a Virginia-based firm and German company highlights. Of course, so do the participation rates of US audiences.

It’s no wonder an organization like the National Football League is evolving with the times. No brand grows to this size without understanding its surroundings. Things will be different this season, which suggests a knock-on effect for wagering providers across the world.

Appealing Odds for Dark Horses  

This isn’t a constitutional change like the others that will feature further down the list. Instead, it’s representative of the competitive nature of the NFL during the 2021-22 campaign. As the NFL odds show beyond doubt, there are at least six franchises with healthy opportunities of making it to and winning Super Bowl 56.

The temptation is to price customers out of the outright market by quoting the Kansas City Chiefs as heavy favorites. Andy Reid’s men are the number pick at +525, closely followed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +550. After that, though, there’s a slew of teams that are widely fancied, such as the Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers and LA Rams (+1200).

The latter has been of particular interest to fans and pundits this season because the franchise appears to have all the weapons to take on the Chiefs and Buccaneers and win. At +1200, punters will feel encouraged to place a bet, boosting the size of the market.

A 17-Week Regular Season 

A 16-game season has been around for as long as most people can care to remember. The number of games in a regular campaign is almost traditional as if it’s a part of the culture of the sport. Well, that’s no longer the case since this year’s NFL fixture list is set to run to Feb 13th, 2022, a week later than planned. You’ve got to set your feelings aside and look at it from sports betting perspective. When you do that, you can see why the industry is excited about the alterations.

Firstly, an extra match week means there are additional games on which bettors can wager. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Secondly, the Wild Card Weekend will be shaken up, too, with Super Wild Card Weekend featuring an opening playoff round on Monday, as well as Saturday and Sunday. This strategy gives people more flexibility to place their bets without having to rush or miss markets due to the fact they are concentrated. Combined with the expanding demand for sportsbooks in the US and around the world, it’s sure to lead to an increase in customers, which will enhance the value of the industry.

Other sports aren’t stupid. They’ll see what’s going on and copy the tactic to maximize their earnings. So, don’t be surprised if the NBA and MLB start to add more fixtures to their calendars if this season is an unmitigated success.

We’ll have to wait until the beginning of 2022 to evaluate the situation, yet there’s no reason why the NFL’s alterations won’t affect sports betting.

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