How Blockchain Gaming is Changing our World

November 11, 2021

Over the past few years, and most especially during the global lockdown in 2020, cryptocurrency has soared and gained a lot more popularity than it had pre-COVID. This popularity successfully got a lot of new entrants into trading and investing in the cryptocurrency sector, buying various sorts of coins that interest them.

As a result, many sectors in technology and related industries have since decided to move in and fully participate in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Some of these industries, such as art, photography, gaming, media and many more, have made outstanding progress since the adoption of blockchain technology.

The gaming industry has made one of the most notable progress and innovations since the crossover into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, as the industry made this adoption very early. That is why there’s blockchain and cryptocurrency gaming, such as in Planet IX.

Whether you’re vast with the blockchain industry or not, you would probably have noticed that there are many people involved in blockchain tech who are also interested in and participate in cryptocurrency gaming. A perfect example of this has to be the fact that NFTs are also lighting up the trends in the gaming world, as many people are trading many rare and treasured NFTs within these blockchain games.

Many blockchain gaming platforms and industries such as Planet IX are on the mission to improve both the gaming world and our environment at large. How? You ask. You’ll find out soon.

So, What Exactly Is Blockchain or Cryptocurrency Gaming?

A blockchain is a unique system that uses cryptography to link many blocks of data together in an orderly and sequential manner. This system is filled with data units that are each unique because a change in one block is likely to affect the entire blockchain.

Hence, blockchain games are simply games created using blockchain technology or situated on the blockchain. All the clusters of computers playing the games own a copy of it. Also, a Smart Contract, a digital contract that oversees all the actions on the blockchain, is needed.

This uniqueness of every single digital asset in blockchain games makes them different from the regular games we play. Also, gaming NFTs are unique data items kept in units on the blockchain for these digital assets.

This industry of gaming merged with the blockchain uniqueness is known as blockchain gaming. There are many types of blockchain games such as play to earn games, pay to earn games, both commonly referred to as GameFi, and many more.


Why use NFTs in Blockchain Gaming?

 NFTs are perfect for blockchain gaming because they give the players complete access and control over every digital asset they earn, gain or purchase during their participation in the games. In regular games, the purchased items will be lost if the game’s server goes down and all purchases, assets and money remain the property of the people that developed and own the game.

However, in blockchain gaming, as long as the player has paid, earned or gained the asset in the game, they have total ownership of the asset. This allows them to sell them for actual money, trade with other players, and use them across many game universes.

What are Play-to-Earn games?

As they are the most common types of blockchain games, you would have heard of this term at a point. As the name implies, the play-to-earn paradigm is used in these games. The players are reimbursed for playing these games and taking part in in-game economies, allowing users to purchase and sell game-related assets. This way, they also get to have absolute control over all of their digital assets.

Because of this trustworthy circle that the play-to-earn games possess, the players earn many rewards depending on the type of game it is. These rewards can be weapons, land, cars, etc.

One of the games that follow and use this method of gaming is Planet IX

What is Planet IX?


A blockchain game, Planet IX is a strategy and trading game that uses a virtual copy of our dear planet, Earth, as its playing field or gaming interface on a virtual 1:1 scale. It’s more or less like a digital version of the famous game, Monopoly. The only difference is, instead of selling and acquiring streets and playing with a few numbers of players, your goal will be to acquire virtual land parcels known as PIX while playing with an unlimited number of other players in the world.

What is PIX?

PIX is the game space that can be purchased, earned or sold in the game. Made of virtual land pieces, they are hexagonal 10 by 10m2 tiles of land that represent ownership of a piece of land in the game.

They are divided into 9 types of classifications and 5 different tiers according to ranking on the game. These PIX are also different in sizes, depending on the tier they are in. The five tiers are Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Common and Outlier. The tier with the least number of PIXs is the Legendary tier, while the Common tier has the most number.

How does Planet IX Contribute to Changing our World?

A major goal of a lot of cryptocurrencies, NFT, and blockchain gaming platforms is to make sure that there is a difference and improvement in our planet’s climatic condition.

Planet IX is one of these platforms. Due to the company’s intense dedication to developing and improving our environment, the company has provided several means to improve our environment.

First, by using NFTs and the blockchain system in the game, the climate changes in our planet are curbed. This is because NFTs have improved the financial state of our Earth by enhancing the use of financial technology. This is one of the undeniable solutions to the climate change problems our planet is facing.

Another major feat that the project has made is that they have dedicated themselves to is investing a part of the revenues from the purchase of there PIX packs sold in the games into real-world assets such as companies dedicated to making the planet more conducive by producing a green world and environment.


With these goals and plans made by Planet IX, it is evident that blockchain gaming is leading a wave of change in our world today and hence, initiating a crucial contribution to making the world a better place for future generations.

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