A Rare Gem of a Game

Round up precious gemstones for a brilliant payout in GEMiX, a highly polished slot game charged
with creative energy from Play’n GO. Radiant gemstones in all the colours of the rainbow drop from
above to fill the game grid. Win a prize for each cluster of 5 or more identical gems: The more gems
in a cluster, the greater your prize! Jewels in winning clusters burst away to be replaced by new
gems, giving you chance after chance to win in the same round. Blast away at least 20 gems in total
to release an awesome crystal charge effect that allows you to win even more. Explode away at least
40 gems to instantly release a super charge that will quintuple the value of all your prizes for the

GEMiX features three exciting game levels or worlds where gems are revered: the miner’s world, the
princess’s world and the wizard’s world. Each world has its own special wild symbol – a lantern, a
lollipop or a spellbook – that can magically appear when you need it most to help you comprise
winning clusters and double their value! Blast away gems, round after round, and cover three grid
patterns to win a lucrative world bonus and progress to the next level. GEMiX is one truly dazzling,
multifaceted adventure!