Football Teams With The Best Esports Section

October 22, 2022

A football team doesn’t necessarily only play Champions League or local cups, its expansion goes far beyond the stadium. Many European teams have seen games as a way to expand their brand.

Sometimes these teams are much more successful than the club itself on the pitch. But that doesn’t matter anyway because in the end the shield is what matters most and if they win on the console, everybody wins. A good business.

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These are the football clubs with the best teams in egames.


  1. RB Leipzig

A relatively new team that has immediately earned a place among the best on the European continent with their victories and great tournaments. In Germany, they are virtually unstoppable. They only lost 10 out of 72 games on one occasion.

The main players are Der_Gaucho10 and RBL_Umut both have the best numbers in the team and are the most winning players, obviously playing in FIFA tournaments. At the FIFAe World Cup 2021 they made it all the way to the quarter-finals, establishing themselves as an emerging power in the world of gaming.

Leipzig invested in gaming, and it has paid off, the idea is to win championships at that level to become a power in the short term. They have the personnel, they just have to give them time because they are a serious candidate.

  1. Manchester City

The powerful skyblue team is champion of the Premier League and also dominates in the egames. The Manchester City team has as an idea to dominate in all the branches in which the club participates and in this case they have achieved it, they are one of the best.

With two great players in Shellzz and Stackzz, the Cityzen team has incredible potential to become the best in the world in a short period of time. At the moment their dominance is only on the British Isle.

Last World Cup they suffered a big blow when they did not enter the play-offs for the title, that made them work very hard and get more serious to avoid confidence. But they don’t only play FIFA, they also have a very strong team in Fortnite with the inclusion of the 16-year-old player Threats. This just shows the competitiveness of the team and the desire to win in all aspects of the game.

  1. AC Monza

The small Italian team doesn’t shine much in Serie A, but in games they are a European powerhouse without a doubt. Last World Cup they managed to get into the semifinals surprising everyone, but the talent they have at the controls is a lot.

With Er_Caccia98 and Nzorello Monza have found a great balance. Both dominate all facets of the game and several big teams have already asked for them because of their current level. But they are loyal to the Italian team and plan to make it bigger.

This is a case where a small team has in another of its branches the one that ends up being the dominator and the one that brings titles to the trophy cabinet. They came close to becoming European champions by reaching the final of the eChampions League in 2021. No doubt this team will give Monza and its fans a lot of satisfaction.

  1. Schalke 04

One of the longest-established games teams. They started their adventure in the world of consoles in 2016 and apart from playing FIFA, where they are a powerhouse, they also play League of Legends. With players like Broken Blade, Kirei, Tim Latka and Juli, the team is one of the best in Europe.

They reached the semi-final of the World Cup and in League of Legends they are a constant participant and a very serious competitor, but the future of the team is very uncertain at the moment. In the end they depend so much on the football team that if they don’t have healthy finances they can’t survive.

That is exactly what happened. Schalke was relegated to the German second division, and the pandemic crisis caused the team to declare bankruptcy, and they will probably have to sell the esports division that has given the team so much success. A real shame.

  1. FC Basel

The best games team in Europe is in Switzerland. Basel invested in video games, and it has paid off, and they are the top-ranked team in FIFA. They use talent from around the world, their talent scouts look for players they know can help them grow the brand.

They recruited Spiderkong from Brazil and Dufty from Argentina, as in football teams, there are also good contracts for young players with the desire to transcend. But the jewel in the crown is Nicholas99FC who is also Argentinian and is one of the most consistent FIFA players in the world.

Basel is so good that they are one of the few European teams that have played tournaments in the Americas reaching the semi-finals of a South American tournament.


Many teams have already seen the need to have a games section because it opens doors in other markets and the new generations can relate to their colours and values in a new way.

All over the world, this is being done. For example in Mexico, Club America, the most powerful and popular club in the Aztec country, has a video games section that apart from playing FIFA is very involved in Free Fire, in fact, the team wears the advertising of the game on its sleeve. This is huge.

This speaks to the fact that the future is going that way and that in the near future a team that does not have a video game section will be obsolete. Besides, it is a great way to get much more revenue and sporting glory.

Even the players themselves are getting involved, not only teams have their own section. Neymar owns a team that participates in many tournaments. Antoine Griezmann also invested in the games and achieved a lot with them.

There will come a time when these players will have the same popularity as those who play in the World Cup or the Champions League. The generations that follow them now are growing up and are asking for more every day.

What big European team should have its own egames section?

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