Five Countries with the Highest Number of Gamblers

August 18, 2021

Almost every culture has elements of gambling, with some countries having lots of gamblers but most may only spend small amounts on specific events. For example, in the UK, the national lottery is regularly played by almost 45 million people, but the gamble is small. In Finland, the government encourages its people to visit casinos since the profits from gambling are used to help artists, scientists, and educators.

With the number of online casinos growing by the day, most gamblers look at reviews by industry experts to help find online casinos that are safe and legal. Sites like find online casinos suitable for players, in this case Finns, and also include international sites licensed in the UK, Malta and elsewhere. The countries with the highest number of gamblers are fluid but here is the current top five:


Considered a gamblers haven, around 6.8 million Australians, more than 39 per cent of the population), gamble daily at a casino.  The most popular games are pokies (slots). Winnings are not taxed. Even more people play online casinos, with deposits on accounts being as little as one Australian dollar.

More than AUD242 billion is spent on gambling each year, an average of AUD12,000 for all Australian adults over the age of 18. The Australian government earned AUD25 billion from gamblers, 84 per cent from casinos, with the rest from racing and sports betting.

United Kingdom

The UK is popular with gamblers and 32 per cent of the population gambling each week. Queen Elizabeth II has gambled, winning GBP on the very first lotto draw and as a horse owner has certainly backed her own stables. The UK Gambling Commission license is considered one of the best regulators in the gambling world, ensuring fair games, swift payouts and security of personal information. Whilst the gambling business is big in the UK, there are few brick-and-mortar casinos, but thousands of accessible online casinos.


More than half the population of Singapore have enjoyed a gamble, with online casinos increasingly popular. This is unusual as the country has had a history of legal restrictions on gambling to try and reduce criminal activity and addiction. In 2010, the gambling laws were relaxed and today, gamblers are welcomed at two legal casinos: Singapore Turf Club and also Singapore Pools, though entry requires payment of a large membership fee. Despite this, Singapore is forecast to overtake Australia in the average amount of money being gambled per person due to online casinos.


Whilst gambling is illegal in China, the semi-autonomous region of Macau is a gambling haven which made more than USD41 billion from gambling in 2019, up from 16 per cent the previous year. Punters are enticed by casino games and other entertainment options to appeal to mass-market customers. Nonetheless, gambling dominates its economy, and the figures are forecast to rise.


Gambling is popular in Canada and around 75 per cent of the population (about 30 million people) have played the lottery, placed a sports bet or gambled online. Gambling in Canada is taxed, giving the government a healthy pot of CAD16 billion each year. Nearly all licensed casinos are in the states of British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. The casinos in Canada create an average CAD13 billion profit each year.

Online casinos have become much more popular in recent years and with low deposit accounts opening at one dollar, the online casino sector is attracting more casual players with bonuses, promotions and loyalty schemes enticing newcomers to stay.

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