Crypto Ads Are Back On Facebook/Meta

December 3, 2021

Previously known as Facebook, Meta has announced a reversion of its 2018 decision to ban crypto advertisements on its social media platform.

Meta’s move is an important boost for the crypto industry which will bring crypto back into the houses of billions of users worldwide

A set of rules and guidelines for crypto ads and promotions were included in Meta’s announcement.

“Over the years the cryptocurrency landscape has matured and stabilized and experienced an increase in government regulation, which has helped to set clearer responsibilities and expectations for the industry.”

The statement further said:

“Going forward, we will be moving away from using a variety of signals to confirm eligibility and instead requiring one of these 27 licenses. This change will help make our policy more equitable and transparent and allow for a greater number of advertisers, including small businesses, to use our tools and grow their business.”

According to the updated policy, the following crypto products and services can now receive written permission to run ads on Facebook:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms
  • Cryptocurrency lending and borrowing services
  • Cryptocurrency wallet
  • Cryptocurrency mining infrastructure

Facebook recently completed its rebranding to Meta, in line with its metaverse ambitions. Not short after, Meta’s head of crypto, David Marcus left the company to pursue his “entrepreneurial” ambitions.

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Author: Peter Siu

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