Could Card Blast from Netflix Challenge the Most Popular Slots?

December 1, 2021

The recent release of the Card Blast game from streaming giant Netflix has brought a new type of card game to the market. This free-to-play title is available for Android and iOS devices, but will it be as successful as the most popular slots and other casino games?

What Is Card Blast?

Described on the Netflix site as a “puzzle card game” that mixes skill and luck, Card Blast presents you with a conveyor belt, from which you need to grab cards and put them into three rows where you try to make up winning poker hands.  It is included with any Netflix subscription, with no ads or in-play purchases to spoil the flow of the game.

The gameplay includes Boosts that you can use to carry out actions such as freeze, nuke, or rocket. The game is all about trying to get the best possible poker hand, rather than trying to beat another player or the dealer, while the tournament option lets you challenge others in a race to the top of the leaderboard.

Will It Be a Success?

The early signs are mixed, with the first reviews on the Google Play Store and the App Store giving a variety of opinions. Some players suggest that it is fun to play while other reviews mention it being a bit too fast. However, the sample size is still too limited to give us a fair overall opinion of how popular it will be.

Gambling games that don’t involve real-money stakes have traditionally struggled against online casinos with cash wagers. Efforts such as the Four King Casino and Slots have tried to introduce a social element but have failed to retain players in the way that online casinos have managed to do through the use of clever offers and promotions.

One tactic used by online casinos is to offer free online spins on slots with the chance to win money. This approach can be seen at EnergyCasino and PartyCasino, among others. New players get a set of free spins on their first deposit on these sites, together with a 100% boost to the money they load to their accounts.

royal-flushWhat Comes Next?

Will Netflix eventually launch their own online casino with games that can be played for real money? At the moment, there is no indication that this will be the case. Card Blast is one of several casual mobile games they have launched, with Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, and Teeter Up the other titles now available worldwide.

It seems that the streaming company is using these games to enhance their customer experience while attracting new members who like the idea of getting access to some free games with their Netflix membership. Luke-warm independent reviews to date suggest that they might need to increase the variety or gameplay to truly make a mark in the mobile games sector.

Card Blast doesn’t appear to be designed to take on the online slots market or introduce a Netflix casino, but it might provide some extra fun for anyone who wants to squeeze a bit more value out of their Netflix subscription.

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