Casinos And The Role of AI in Online Gambling

November 8, 2021

Artificial intelligence is a topic that plays an important role in the increasingly digital world. Casinos like Wildz Casino could also benefit from it in the future. But what influence can AI have on a world that was previously controlled by humans? Are there advantages or disadvantages that gamblers in particular can expect when AI is integrated into gambling? What innovations will the future bring for an industry that is one of the five most successful and largest industries in the world?

Artificial intelligence – unstoppable progress

In recent years, the topic of artificial intelligence has become increasingly important in science. Numerous experts have now formed an opinion and researched what possibilities there might be for AI in the future. Are there exclusively disadvantages to human skill suddenly being taken over by thinking machines, or are there industrial advantages that humans may not even be aware of yet?

How intelligent artificial existences can really be has been proven by none other than Deep Blue, the world’s most famous IBM computer. It beat world chess champion Garry Kasparov in six games and made it clear that a human brain cannot always outwit artificial intelligence. But what exactly does this factor mean for the future of gambling?

Better analysis thanks to artificial intelligence

By analyzing the gaming behavior of customers, revenue can be optimized. Casino operators are convinced of this, and there seems to be a lot of truth in it. After all, VIP programs and cashback campaigns have been used for years to find out which players play which games and how to catalog the actual target group. Artificial intelligence is believed to be able to create an even more profound pattern here and to create precise analyses on gaming behavior and the reasons for playing.

This would make it possible for casino operators to figure out which games and, in particular, which game elements appeal to players. The plan of the casino operators: to enable even better gaming experiences for each individual gambler through more knowledge about the needs of the gambler.

Protection against gambling addiction thanks to AI

Gambling addiction is a serious downside of gambling and it is important not only to the countries of this world but also to the casino operators to raise awareness of gambling addiction in people. Numerous policy measures are in place to minimize its occurrence, but again, in the end, it will be AI that can detect gambling addiction in time and initiate preventive measures.

If the gambler-related data is analyzed by the AI, specific patterns may emerge that indicate critical gambler behavior. Analyzed soberly, the behavior patterns of people addicted to gambling are very similar. There are recurring patterns, so-called symptoms, which may indicate impending critical behavior. Far earlier than humans, AI is able to recognize such crises and then possibly initiate measures.

If the AI forwards suspicious gambling patterns to the casino operator, the latter can impose an immediate user block and offer the player help. In this way, the development of a strong gambling addiction could be prevented before it leads to large debts and further problems.

Artificial intelligence as support in the online casino

The support is decisive for the satisfaction of the players. Ideally, a contact person is available around the clock for all needs. Chatbots may be able to process initial inquiries and answer them automatically, but they do not get anywhere in individual cases. The further development of artificial intelligence can significantly improve technical customer support, and it is the customer who benefits the most.

Through comprehensive analyses, the AI knows the habits of the customer and can recognize problems with the game, with deposits and withdrawals or with customer data even before the player has described them. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, it would be possible in the future for the AI to answer more than 80 percent of all customer service inquiries independently and satisfactorily for the customer.

Cyber protection thanks to intelligent systems

If AI is used sensibly, it is able to protect players and at the same time also protect casino operators from fraud. Because: Even if there are black sheep in the casinos from time to time, which it threatens to filter out, the number of cheating players is also unfortunately still too high. Due to its analysis capabilities, artificial intelligence can ensure that fraudulent players can be located and blocked directly.

Especially in online casinos, it is difficult for operators to detect a cheater right from the start. After all, the downside of artificial intelligence is that it can be used for more than just good purposes. Cheaters also use AI bots to gain advantages in the game, and ultimately not only the operators suffer from this, but also the honest games. If it were possible thanks to AI to sort out dubious gamblers directly in advance and prevent major fraud, that would be a big win for online casinos.

Further innovations in the gaming industry

Technological progress is unstoppable and thanks to a constant improvement of the offer, the popularity of online casinos is increasing. For the player, the focus is on an authentic gambling experience, and this is exactly what is offered thanks to technical refinements. In the beginning, online casinos only offered simple, animated slots to keep their heads above water, but today the portfolio includes extensive live offers. These make it possible for the player to dive directly into the action and play with real people at the table.

Further progress is conceivable in the form of implementing artificial intelligence. This applies in particular to the area of individualization. Because, where many players meet, many needs are present. The analytical capabilities of AI make it possible to optimize the gaming experience more precisely to the wishes of the individual player. Whether it’s the automatic choice of table design, the setting of maximum deposit amounts, or addressing the player with his or her own username – the possibilities grow almost daily.

AI already present unnoticed

In many casinos, AI is already part of the overall concept. When the player enters the online casino and his favorite games are suggested to him, this is already the result of analytics. Similar concepts are also used by online stores, which recognize which offers might also be interesting for the customer on the basis of purchased products. AI therefore provides one thing above all: more convenience for the user!

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