Visit one of the best Skrill casinos One of the most popular payment methods used when playing online casino is Skrill and it’s no wonder why. This easy to use e-Wallet have instant withdrawals, is highly secure and very reliable. On top of this almost every gambling site offers the method. While it’s easy as pie finding a Skrill casino in the UK it is, however, not quite as easy finding a high quality one that is worth your time. That’s why we at have put our experience and vast knowledge of the gambling industry to use to gather some of the best options. You’ll find all of these first class casinos with Skrill conveniently listed below.

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How do you determine what Skrill casinos make the list?

We know that every player has different needs and expectations so what one person may consider being the best casino might not reflect the reality of another. We do, however, also know that there are certain important factors that can either make or break a gambling experience. It is on these factors that we base our decision. The Skrill casinos that we list may not necessarily be the best performing ones within a certain type of factor. They do, however, manage to do an amazing job in all of them making the overall casino experience with them one of the best you can find. So what are these important factors that we’re talking about that the Skrill casinos in our list live up to so well? They are the following ones:

High level of security

All of our listed Skrill casinos are acclaimed brands licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. They’re guaranteed to give you the highest level of security, which is crucial when it comes to real money gambling online.

Wide selection of games to choose from

Every operator recommended by us has well over a thousand different casino games from a heap of different game providers. Whether you’re looking for video slots, video pokers, scratch cards or table games played in a live environment you’ll be very pleased.

24/7 customer support

No matter which of the presented Skrill casinos that you pick there will be an easy to reach customer support available to help you at any time of the day. We only list operators offering a 24/7 hour service with a live chat included in this.

Great welcome bonus

There’s no better way to begin your casino journey than with a valuable welcome bonus that will boost your balance. All of our listed operators offer great ones that we highly recommend using.

Many promotional offers

A welcome bonus only last so long and then you’ll be looking for a new money booster to get a hold of. With our recommended casinos that accept Skrill you won’t have a problem finding one. They all release new promotions on a regular basis and it’s not rare to find several bonus offers available at the same time.

Fast withdrawal times

Some operators that we suggest certainly have faster withdrawal times than others, but you can still expect them all to have a cash out processed within 24 hours. In other words, you never have to wait very long to receive your winnings.

Flawless mobile adaption

Whether you prefer playing from a mobile device or not, the Skrill casinos that we list all have a great adaption to smartphones and tables. Not only will you get a flawless experience using a browser, but you can also download a mobile app that will improve your casino experience even further.

What are the benefits for playing casino with Skrill?

This depends on what payment method we’re comparing with, but the general selling points for playing casino with Skrill are the four following ones:

It’s highly secure

When you’re depositing with Skrill you never have to share any sensitive details with the casino. The e-Wallet is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who ensures that no personal data is shared. If we compare this to a Visa or Mastercard deposit, using Skrill is much safer. When you deposit with a credit card you can’t get away from the fact that you have to type in your card details. Even if a legit casino cannot see all of the numbers, there’s always a risk that someone else is watching. It may not be the most common thing, but it happens.

It’s very reliable

When you’re playing casino with Skrill your deposits and withdrawals never fail unless you have used several different Skrill accounts, which can actually cause some trouble. It is, however, a very reliable payment method. You may think that all methods are, but if we once again take credit cards as an example this is clearly not the case. It’s definitely not something you’ll experience every day, but every once in a while deposits and withdrawals with Visas and Mastercards get lost in the transaction. This is of course fixable, but it can take some time to resolve and cause quite a bit of frustration.

You’ll get instant withdrawals

This is probably why the majority of people choose to play casino with Skrill. There is no transaction time on the withdrawals that you make from the gambling site. What this means is that once a cash out has been processed (confirmed) by the casino you will have the money on your Skrill account.

You can play at a wide selection of sites

While there are alternatives that are just as good as Skrill, such as playing casino with PayPal, almost every gambling site has Skrill available. This definitely isn’t the case for every payment method. What this means is that you’ll have a wide range of online casino to choose from and if you’d like you could easily play at several ones. Since withdrawing to Skrill is a quick process, you could easily cash out winnings from one casino site and deposit to another. Now why would you want to do this? It’s a great way for taking part of a lot of different bonus offers, which can add a lot of value to your gambling experience.

Are there any downsides to using Skrill at casinos?

There aren’t many, but yes there actually are some. To be more specific there are two. These include a possible limitation of using welcome bonuses as well as fees that you might experience on transactions. In the below two sections we have thoroughly explained these downsides.

Welcome bonuses at casinos that accept Skrill

Visiting casinos that accept Skrill it’s fairly common to see that the welcome bonus they offer can’t be used when you make your deposit with Skrill. The offer simply won’t activate. You usually don’t find this information at first glance, but to find out if a welcome offer can be used with Skrill or not you have to read the bonuses’ terms and conditions. So why exactly is it that some casinos that accept Skrill won’t allow you to use the welcome offer with the method? It sounds kind of weird doesn’t it? Well, what it all boils down to is that Skrill is an anonymous payment method, which means that the casino can’t verify you. They can’t tie your deposit to a name such as they can with a credit card. Hence the reason that Skrill (and also other e-Wallets) are sometimes blocked from welcome offers is to prevent bonus abuse. In other words to prevent a person being able to take part of the welcome bonus several times with different casino accounts. But why do some Skrill casinos allow the welcome offer to be used? They must face the same problem, right? They do, but they solve this by having a verification process before a withdrawal can be made. Other operators could do this as well, but they find it less resource demanding to just block the bonus from Skrill users. So is there any way you can use a welcome offer with Skrill even though it’s blocked? Sometimes you actually can. Since the issue is verification it’s sometimes possible to speak with the customer support to have it all resolved. They may ask you to send a picture of your Skrill account showing your name and e-mail. Once this has been verified you may have the welcome offer manually activated on your Skrill deposit. An alternative way that might be less of a hustle could, however, be to use another method for your welcome bonus deposit and then use Skrill after that. It’s all up for you to decide.

Fees you should know about when playing casino with Skrill

When it comes to playing casino with Skrill fees are rarely talked about even though they may very well be the biggest downside of the method. The reason for this is that the casinos themselves will never charge you a fee on your deposits or withdrawals. Well, at least not a quality casino. There may actually be a couple of operators that will charge you, but we would never recommend those. So what fees are we talking about if not casino ones? We’re referring to fees that occur when you make deposits from a bank (or other method) to fund your Skrill account or when you’re making a withdrawal from it. Deposits to your Skrill account are actually never required as you can just link a credit card to it which is then used to deposit at the Skrill casino. This is in our opinion the best way to use Skrill. Should you, however, like to fund your Skrill account there is a 1% fee that will apply on the amount you deposit. While funding your Skrill account is never required, you have to withdraw winnings that you’ve cashed out from the casino at some point. Unless you choose to spend them all on merchants that accept Skrill of course. Making a withdrawal will always come with a fee, which is either a flat one or a percentual one depending on what method you choose. The cash out options that you have is making a bank transfer, withdrawing to a visa card or making an ATM withdrawal with a prepaid card that you’ve ordered from Skrill. The first option is great for larger cash outs as this comes with a flat fee of €5.50. For Visa card withdrawals the fee is 7.5% of the withdrawn amount, whereas ATM withdrawals with a Skrill card have a 1.75% fee applying to them. In addition to what we’ve already covered, it’s also important to know that a fee will apply whenever you make a transfer that includes a currency conversion. In other words when you have an account in one currency and then deposit or withdraw to another account in another currency. The fee for this is set at 3.99%. Can I use Skrill in any country of the world? You can use it in most of them, but unfortunately not in every. Below is a list of countries that are currently not accepted by Skrill.
Afghanistan Angola Barbados Benin Burkina Faso
Cape Verde Comoros Crimea Cuba Djibouti
Eritrea Faroe Islands French Polynesia Gambia Greenland
Grenada Guadeloupe Guyana Iran Iraq
Japan Kyrgyzstan Laos Libya Macao
Martinique Namibia New Caledonia Niger North Korea
Palau Reunion Samoa Sudan Suriname
Syria Tajikistan Togo Turkmenistan
What currencies are supported by Skrill? Close to 40 different ones. You can find them all listed below.
Australian Dollar (AUD) Bulgarian Leva (BGN) Bahraini Dinar (BHD) British Pound (GBP)
Canadian Dollar (CAD) Colombian Peso (COP) Croatian Kuna (HRK) Czech Koruna (CZK)
Danish Krone (DKK) Euro (EUR) Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Hungarian Forint (HUF)
Israeli Shekel (ILS) Indian Rupee (INR) Iceland Krona (ISK) Jordanian Dinar (JOD)
Japanese Yen (JPY) Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) Moroccan Dirham (MAD) Malaysian Riggit (MYR)
Norwegian Krone (NOK) New Zealand Dollar (NZD) Omani Rial (OMR) Polish Zloty (PLN)
Qatari Rial (QAR) Romanian Leu New (RON) Serbian Dinar (RSD) Saudi Riyal (SAR)
Singapore Dollar (SGD) South African Rand (ZAR) South Korean Won (KRW) Swedish Krona (SEK)
Swiss Franc (CHF) Taiwan Dollar (TWD) Thailand Bath (THB) Tunisian Dinar (TND)
Turkish Lira (TRY) United States Dollar (USD) Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham (AED)
Is it possible to change the currency on my Skrill account? Unfortunately not. The only way that you can have your currency changed is by having your account closed and then creating a new one.


Is there a mobile app that I can use with Skrill?

There is indeed. They have a really neat one developed for both iOS and Android devices which makes it easy to access and handle your account from a smartphone or tablet.

Is it free to open a Skrill account?

Yes. It’s completely free and setting one up doesn’t take more than a minute.

What methods can I use to fund my Skrill account?

You can do this by credit card, bank transfer, Neteller, Bitcoin, Paysafe card and Paysafe cash.

Are there any good alternatives to playing casino with Skrill?

There are indeed. Neteller and PayPal are both solid choices. These are also e-Wallets that work in a similar way to Skrill. They have instant withdrawals, are very reliable, easy to use and highly secure.

Can I deposit at a Skrill casino using a credit card and then withdraw by Skrill?

Usually you can, but it’s not as easy as you might expect it to be. Every legit casino that is licensed by the UK gambling commission or MGA is required to follow a closed loop policy. This means that any deposits made must also be withdrawn back to the same method. You should, however, be able to withdraw any excessive winnings that you’ve made to Skrill by speaking with the customer support.

What’s the minimum amount for depositing with Skrill?

This can vary from one Skrill casino to another, but usually it’s set at £10.

What’s the minimum amount for withdrawing with Skrill?

With the vast majority of casinos with Skrill you have to withdraw at least £10 when using Skrill as a method. The amount can, however, vary from one gambling site to another.

Can I use Skrill in any country of the world?

You can use it in most of them, but unfortunately not in every. Below is a list of countries that are currently not accepted by Skrill.