Asset managers, private & public companies now hold 5% of total Bitcoin supply

August 26, 2021

With Bitcoin’s supply capped at 21 million BTC and the final Bitcoin estimated to be mined in the year 2140, it is good to look at where we are now. How much of Bitcoin’s supply is actually held by corporations?

On this day, the majority of the 18.8 million BTC in circulation is still held by individual/private investors. Corporate holdings of Bitcoin are on the rise nonetheless. Signalling a continued mainstream and institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies, 5% of Bitcoin supply is now in hands of asset managers or in the books with private and public companies.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide shows that a total of 4% of Bitcoin’s supply, 816,379 BTC worth $40.1 billion, is currently held by 14 Bitcoin fund issuers and asset managers.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is the asset manager with the largest holdings, managing 654,600 BTC (worth $32 billion) or roughly 3%. CoinShares’ XBT Provider trails in the distant with 48,466 BTC ($2.4 billion) representing 0.23% of supply. 12 other issuers represent 113,313 BTC or 0.54% of the combined supply.

According to the data provider, there are 34 public companies that hold BTC on their balance sheets, for a combined total 1% of Bitcoin’s supply.

MicroStrategy is the big bull of the group as it is good for half of all Bitcoin held by public companies. With the recent addition of 3,907 Bitcoin to its totals, the firm is now good for 108,992 BTC worth $5.3 billion.

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle manufacturing company, Tesla, holds 20% of the Bitcoin held by private companies. Tesla holds 42,902 BTC, worth roughly $2.1 billion.

Other private companies have another 174,068 BTC worth $8.5 billion, shouldering 0.83% of Bitcoin’s supply. The majority of these BTC is held by Block.One, with Bitcoin holdings worth $6.8 billion, (140,000 BTC).

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Author: Peter Siu

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