5 Smart Ways To Make Profit From Cryptocurrency

November 19, 2021

If you are at least a little familiar with cryptocurrency and you are interested in the topic and development in it, this article is definitely for you. Today we will talk about options for earning with cryptocurrency, and hopefully help you along the way.

So, we have selected for you the following ways to make money. You just have to choose the one that suits you and the one you like:

1 Trading

Trading means short-term speculation, as well as the execution of many transactions. For this, exchanges are best suited, because there the easiest way to quickly buy or sell cryptocurrency. There is an option for margin trading with leverage, but it is suitable only for professionals, since it is considered risky.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, so it’s better to start trading them with a practice account. It allows you to get to know the exchange and its instruments better, to understand, to get practice on a virtual balance sheet. Then you should start a small amount and, no matter how strange it may sound, survive the first losses. This will help you understand if you are able to remain calm and make informed decisions in a stressful situation, because these can happen.

It is worth reading the relevant trading literature, listening to lectures, taking courses, because this will help you understand the market situation and study various trading strategies.

2 Investing

The alternative to trading is “hodling” or investing. This approach implies the execution of long-term transactions. It is more suitable for non-professionals, since it does not require any knowledge of technical analysis, or trading ability and other similar skills.

Investing has less potential than trading. The price of cryptocurrencies can change by tens of percent every day, which means that the investor may miss the opportunity to make money on these fluctuations. In “hodle” it is extremely important to find the right moment to acquire an asset, it is better to wait for a strong decline in its rate, it will be more profitable.

3 Stablecoins

A Stablecoin is a cryptocurrency backed by traditional assets. Such tokens are often used on crypto-exchanges as a convenient trading pair and adaptation tool. For traders, they are one of the main tools for taking profits. After completing a successful transaction, the user does not need to withdraw funds to fiat.

Stablecoins are very different from Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies, which lack a built-in mechanism to minimize exchange rate volatility. Although a number of innovative valuation methodologies have been developed for crypto assets, the debate over the fair value of bitcoin is as fierce today as it was when the first exchange markets for bitcoin emerged. Bitcoin price is determined by the market and volatile supply and demand for it. Stablecoins are designed as anti-volatile instruments that mimic or copy the behavior of so-called “hard” currencies such as the US dollar, euro, yen or Swiss franc.


Volatility is also a factor holding back the development of debt and credit markets within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In certain jurisdictions, the exchange of cryptocurrency for national currency can also lead to a tax liability, which many would prefer to postpone until better times.

4 Backache

On trading floors, anomalies occur when the price of a certain asset falls sharply or rises sharply by tens or even hundreds of percent, and then immediately returns to the previous level. In order to try to catch the right moment, you need to buy a stablecoin, place an order to buy a cryptocurrency paired with it at a favorable rate. It is advisable to do this so that there are no other orders between your position and the current price.

The advantage of this option is that it eliminates most market risks. If the “lumbago” happens, then you buy cryptocurrency at a favorable rate. If not, the money remains in the stablecoin, the value of which is equal to the US dollar. The only, but very unlikely, possible danger is if the token issuing company announces the cessation of activity.

5 ICO and IEO

The peak of fame for ICO projects took place at the beginning of last year. They were remembered for both large losses and huge earnings of investors. At the moment, ICOholder can be called relevant, in which you can track the high-quality work of the site.

ICOs were replaced by IEOs – initial exchange offers. They differ in that the developers of projects are not looking for investors, but the cryptocurrency exchange selects promising teams and promotes their coins among its users. One of the main advantages of IEO is tokens that are necessarily issued and listed.

That is, there are no deceived investors who did not wait for their coins to appear. On the overwhelming majority of platforms, clients need to keep exchange tokens on their balance for a certain time before the token sale. In this case, people can participate in the lottery and try to get an allocation to buy new coins.


We advise you to delve into the topic of cryptocurrency in more detail and study the direction that interests you. It is a competent approach that will help you do an excellent job in this matter, accuracy and foresight will allow you to anticipate unwanted monetary losses. Then proceed. And we remind you that mistakes are normal. Do not end the job you have started if something suddenly goes wrong with you. Only by patience, perseverance and study can you achieve success. Develop, learn, and then direct your knowledge in the right direction. Earn more and succeed!

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